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Minimal Forest Project

Our first project with a green roof is inspired by the natural ecosystems that the tropical forest of Costa Rica gives us, this space seeks to make the client feel that they live inside a green lung.


A minimalist design that mixes exposed natural concrete with teak wood on stilts; looking for a visual and final connection with the property's river, opening up to a cantilevered experience with the terraces and open spaces.


The green roof invites us to climb around it and feel nature with our feet in a way that creates a connection with the earth and nature from the background.


Location: Santa Teresa Beach, Cobano, Costa Rica.

Footage: 160m2

Levels: 2

Materials: Teak Wood - Concrete - Metal


Architectural Design: Spacesense Architects

Design and preparation of technical plans: Revac Constructora

Technical Direction: Spacesense Architects

Construction company: ALBIS

Status: Building Permits

1.Módulos - Exterior (1).jpg
3.Módulo Grande - Externo.jpg
2.Módulos - Exterior.jpg
3.Loft - Interior.jpg
4.Dormitorio - Externo.jpg
5.Terraza - Externo.jpg
7.Área Social - Interno-2.jpg
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