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The Dragonfly Project

Inspired by the flight of a dragonfly searching the tropical forest of Costa Rica.


The visit of an elemental being called a dragonfly, who subtly took flight in the direction of the tropical forest where the land to intervene is located, connects us with the behavior of its wings when flying. It inspires us to have an openness full of confidence and to explore, live and feel our natural ecosystem in harmony with its surroundings. That was the clearest message we received and it is what we seek to convey to our clients through our architectural proposal.


This project became even more interesting when we were asked to introduce and apply the Vastu Shastra theory, where each natural lighting and ventilation opening works in conjunction with the position of the house, playing with the cardinal points and each measure adapting to what we see. indicates the spirituality of this concept.


Location: Santiago, Manzanillo beach, Cóbano, Costa Rica.

Footage: 450m2

Levels: 1

Materials: Teak Wood - Concrete - Metal


Architectural Design: Spacesense Architects

Design and preparation of technical plans: Revac Constructora

Soil study: CACISA

Technical Direction: Spacesense Architects

Builder: To be defined.

Status: Building permits.

01-MAIN HOUSE 1.jpg
03-GUEST HOUSE 1.jpg
R01- EXT 1.jpg
R02- EXT 2.jpg
R03- EXT 3.jpg
R04- EXT 4.jpg
R05- EXT 5.2.jpg
R08- INT 1.jpg
R09- INT 2.jpg
R10- INT 3.jpg
R11- INT 4.jpg
R12- INT 5.jpg
R13- INT 6.jpg
R14- INT 7.jpg
R15- INT 8.jpg
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