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Munay Huasi Residences

Designed with open spaces towards an opening between the forest and the river that surround the housing units. Munay Huasi Residences seeks to make the client feel as if he/she were blooming in the middle of the trees, with a cantilevered tile combined with a flexible mesh that allows him/her to feel and experience the architecture from another perspective with a special connection with the pool and terraces.

The mixture of concrete and teak wood makes the spaces warmer and in harmony with nature and its habitat.

Location: Santa Teresa Beach, Cobano, Costa Rica.

Footage: 163m2

Levels: 2

Materials: Teak Wood - Concrete - Metal

Architectural Design: Spacesense Architects

Design and preparation of technical plans: Spacesense Architects

Technical Direction: Spacesense Architects

Builder: to be defined.

Status: Draft.

1.Externo - Conjunto copia.jpg
2.Externo - Módulo copia.jpg
3.Externo - Terraza _Piscina copia.jpg
4. Interno - Área Social.jpg
5. Interno -Dormitorio.jpg
6.Interno - Cocina.jpg
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