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Hibiscus House

Hibiscus is nature:


Inspired by the native plants and hanging over the existing trees of the land, Hibiscus was designed in 111m2 with spaces completely open to the terrace and the forest with a calming river in the background.


This terrace is the protagonist of this project, falling on a foundation with piles and adapting perfectly to the natural composition of the terrain. Making our client feel like flying over the project in search of a connection with the forest and the river.


Location: Carrillo Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Footage: 111m2

Levels: 1

Materials: Teak Wood - Concrete - Metal


Architectural Design: Spacesense Architects

Design and preparation of technical plans: Spacesense Architects

Technical Direction: Spacesense Architects

Builder: to be defined.

Status: Draft.

R001 EXT.jpg
R002 EXT.jpg
R003 EXT.jpg
R004 INT.jpg
R005 INT copia.jpg
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