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La Casa del Volcán

A social module was designed as the heart and center of this project that will be integrated into two containers, playing with their natural textures and mixing them with a natural and exposed concrete finish.

Each of these 3 modules opens up to the views of the Arenal Volcano, integrating the 4th module as a cube that, due to its height and perspective, represents the highest point of the volcano and gives us the experience of feeling even more connected with this natural beauty.

We want each person who inhabits this space to feel and live the energy that Costa Rican nature gives us with the element of fire.

Footage: 120m2

Levels: 2

Materials: Containers + Concrete

Architectural Design: Spacesense Architects

Design and preparation of technical plans: Spacesense Architects

Technical Direction: Spacesense Architects

Builder: Cubic Container

Status: Building Permits

EXT 01.png
EXT 02.png
EXT 03.png
EXT 04.png
INT 01.png
INT 02.png
INT 03.png
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